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I've never had any doubt I'm a writer, though it's for others to decide if I'm any good. Or rather, it's for others to decide if I'm worth publishing. So far, no luck. I have 14 completed novels tucked away for consideration by agents and publishers. A word or two about my works can be found on my Novels page.

When I tell people I write they often ask me what kind of books I write. They mean, do I write horror stories or westerns or thrillers or romances or sci-fi. The truthful answer is I write in all these genres in some way. I don't specialise. Whatever the story is  I write it in the best way I can. From now on, in answer to the question, "What kind of books do you write?" I'm going to answer, "Good ones."

In recent years through Biggar Writers I've been honing my writing skills with short stories and poems, and even a little flash fiction now and again. Thanks to everyone at Biggar Writers who have helped me with my writing and for always being a supportive and appreciative audience.

I split my time between the beautiful market town of Biggar in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, and the charming village of Los Romanes in Vinuela (Andalucia) Spain.

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Neil Alderson Edmonds

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